Fire Resistant Design for Tiny Houses with Vina Lustado

After her tiny homes survived the Ojai wild fires in 2017, Vina has shifted her focus to designing fire resistant tiny homes.

Vina Lustado is both a tiny house dweller and a professional designer. Her designs incorporate lots of light and open space, with a focus on how the space is used by the inhabitants.

She is the founder of Sol Haus Design , a boutique firm with a focus on sustainable design and building in Ojai, California. After receiving an architecture degree and more than 20 years experience with high-end corporate clients, Vina decided to focus her career on smaller-scale projects that could make a positive difference. Staying true to her values, Vina lives full-time in her Tiny House, which she designed and built with the help of friends. Vina’s home has been featured in media publications, books and television. Lustado is also a proud recipient of FWN Global 100 Most Influential Women and has been a featured speaker at Yale University on social entrepreneurship.

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