About Tiny House Network

We are a membership for those trying to better their lives by living tiny. Tiny House Network means exactly that – a network of tiny house information.

Living tiny doesn’t mean you live in a tiny house. The tiny mentality comes from within. Those that live tiny are generally:

Sure, most of us are on the journey to actually living IN a tiny but some of us start this journey and realize that the tiny house scene just isn’t for us. Sometimes it’s the situation of our current lives, or perhaps it’s just not a preference. No matter which you choose – living in a tiny house or living the tiny mentality – our community will help you achieve what you are looking for.

Founding Story

Our founder, Stephanie, was living in a large city and wanted to own a home instead of living in an apartment. She and her husband began the quest for a home to own. The search became discouraging when the houses had:

“I don’t want to commit my life and finances to a house I don’t love,” thought Stephanie.

Feeling defeated, they slowly stopped looking at houses over that year. The houses may have been beautiful but they were just too big for their small family of 3 (plus a cat).

After learning about tiny houses late-2017, she began doing extensive research on what they would have to do to get the family in a tiny home. It has everything they need, and no fluff (unless they wanted it!). Appealing benefits of living tiny were:

However, after countless hours spent searching for answers to her unique questions, it began to look hopeless.

Was she not asking the right questions?

Was her situation really that unique that she couldn’t find answers?

Where were the people she needed to talk to about it?

How could she find help she needed, customized to her situation?

Enter the birth of Tiny House Network.

With a background in web development and graphic design, she realized she had the tools in her belt to make what she was looking for.

So here we are.

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