Members of the Tiny House Network

The Tiny House Network is host to sites that help you simply your life, achieve your goals, and live your dream life!

Members of Tiny House Network all strive to a single goal: sustainable living.

You’ll also notice that each member is represented in our logo. Below we introduce each member and what they can offer you to help you live a sustainable life, no matter the size of your home.

Tiny House Network

At Tiny House Network, we strive for simplicity.

We believe that when information is simple to understand, people are more likely to turn that information into success. We’ve partnered with sites that promote healthy living and simplicity.

Your membership includes access to every network site. (They’re all listed on this page!)

All your needs: one place. Simple, right?

Tiny House Community

Here at Tiny House Community, we believe in empowering people to house themselves.

Whether you’re building, buying, parking, renting, or selling, we want to equip you with the most up-to-date information.

It’s our goal to simplify the process by providing helpful and detailed guides, recommended products, and links to other great sites.

Tiny Directory

We at Tiny Directory believe in transparency.

We believe that builders, renters, sellers, and such should be publicly rated, reviewed, and held accountable for their business. We also believe that it should be easy to discover new businesses.

So whether you’re looking to buy, sell, build, or just need a simple project done for your tiny – it’s all in a simple, easy-to-use platform where you can get honest ratings and reviews.

Tiny Life Shop

The Tiny Life Shop is built to be your resource for organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products.

We started Tiny Life Shop because we believe a cancer-free and sustainable lifestyle should be within reach for everyone. Our mission is to help you find sustainably-sourced, all-natural, and chemical-free products by hand-picking only the best products and sharing them with you.

Our products range from organic, all-natural skincare products all the way to gardening equipment.

Your healthy lifestyle is just a click away.

A Tiny Change

Supporting local communities is what we do here at A Tiny Change.

We are a non-profit charity organization that specializes in developing tiny house communities for special groups of people such as the homeless, abused women and children, veterans, seniors, and more.

It’s our mission to support those in need and promote the self-reliance skills it takes to get back on their feet and feel alive again.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Tiny Life Coaching

At Tiny Life Coaching, we believe in simplifying and minimizing our lives – both physically and mentally. Reducing this clutter can help us see the path before us, creating clarity and confidence that wasn’t there previously.

No matter which stage of life you’re in, sometimes a coach can support you in various ways – from decision-making processes like downsizing all the way to ways to improve your mental health.

Tiny Life University (COMING 2021)

The Tiny Life University is more than a self-paced tiny house program. It’s also about learning self-reliance, homesteading, sustainability, and developing skills for remote work.

We believe that we have the power to control our own lives. Sometimes we just need someone to teach us how to do that.

Our instructors and experts are available to answer questions you may have while going through any of the courses.

Your tiny lifestyle is just one course away.

Tiny Life Summit (COMING 2022)

The Tiny Life Summit is the first of its kind – a summit that talks about all life beyond the house – from homesteading to traveling.

Although the small living space isn’t for everyone, sustainable living is! We bring in experts on a variety of topics like container gardening, homesteading, zoning laws, off-grid living, building, and even downsizing.

We’re launching this amazing summit in 2022!

Join our Tiny House Network membership to gain exclusive access and VIP tickets to this event when it launches.